Friday, March 2, 2012

Great Wedgies in Political History

I'm actually reading through the inquiry's findings today for uni, so this isn't really my considered response. I've only read second hand analysis, and I'm guessing the majority of what we will get will be biased against the inquiry.

What I can say, at least at this stage of my understanding, is that if a 15 000 hit per annum blog is to be affected by the New Media Council's powers then this blog, on some measures, would be affected. On this year's stats thus far, almost definitely.

That probably means nothing. At least unless Chris Uhlmann decides he wants a retraction of my parody of his interview style, and I decide I don't believe it should be taken down....

In any case, I will probably post something when I've read the inquiry and have a better understanding of it, but it's all food for thought at this point.

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