Monday, February 27, 2012

You must have exactly this many faces to ride this ALP

Wow. What a day for politics. The faceless men and the two faced man both handed a serve. Apparently the ALP, on some kind of ableist nonsense, will only allow people with exactly one face to be a part of the modern party.

If we can't have the faceless or the two-faced, what will happen to the Labor core? I kid, I kid.

By the way, I am also now writing more general opinion and vaguely more journalistic (but generally not political) blog posts over at the group blog Noun Collective. We have four writers in four different countries (Australia, Japan, the Philippines and Canada) writing on a wide variety of topics - from Japanese website design, to cooking salted duck egg salad, to Euro Zone Death Stars, to Foxconn... you should drop on by (and RSS us)!

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