Sunday, October 21, 2012

We have moved to This is Australia. Today.

This blog has moved to This is Australia. Today.

Archives will stay here, but I will not be updating cartoons here as they go up (for just cartoons and other related nonsense,  hit up tumblr).

Please point your RSS in that direction and don't hate me for abandoning the Dicks. You can also join the FB page and get all the updates, including my new posts for Margaret Gee's Media Round, and politics/satire related links.

I needed something that wouldn't push as many people away with its name, and which could be open to regular text posts on the events (always coupled with cartoons and satire).

I have always loved the name, from day 1, and have loved posting here. But it wasn't always everyone's cup of tea and I know it's often been hard for me when emailing it to people (and for some work filters).

Please join me there.

Thanks for being a dickhead with me.

- Wes

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