Thursday, June 3, 2010

The difference of a week

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Apologies for the delay this week. I have had a very busy week at work, and have been flopping once I get home.

Sad to see Petro Georgiou leave Parliament today. It seems that the Liberal Party's conscience is up and leaving in disgrace; first Fraser's largely symbolic (and long-time coming) exit, now Georgiou's pointed resignation.

Will it make a difference? Well, probably not.

I mean, hopefully it draws attention to the fact that the Rudd government is slowly devolving into a Howard-esque mess in its treatment of asylum seekers. Additionally, I hope it reminds voters that some of the Libs' own members could not accept Howard's callous treatment of asylum seekers, and that Abbott has promised to ostensibly return to the obtuse, hands-length, needlessly expensive (some $500,000 per asylum seeker processed), xenophobic Pacific Solution.

All that aside, it'll probably be a flash in the pan for voters. Political journos, columnists and political punters will remember this moment, and take note of what the Liberal party lost today.

But the voters? The people who kept Howard in power through the Pacific Solution years will probably register the name coming up on the News, forget it by the ad break and lament the days when all the people in their neighbourhood had names like Dave-o and Steve ("and no one was a POOF!").

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